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The question is, "Who’s controlling your message?" 100th Monkey Media ensures the message you want to communicate is the one your customers and prospects hear.

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Social Media isn't traditional advertising. It's not a single statement or 5 lines of copy in a newspaper. It's a communication. For it to be an effective communication, it has to be in "your voice". We work with you to help you develop an effective social media voice and use it well on all platforms. We're good at this, and we make you look good.

Professional Team

Professional Writers

Posting to social media should not be treated like a text; poor grammar, misspelled words, and incorrect punctuation make you look less than professional. Our writers are specialists, and they create posts (and blogs and newsletters) that are well-written, friendly and top quality.

Top Quality Production

Quality Content

High quality content will literally make or break your social media. We provide content that is relevant and interesting; content that your compel customers and prospects to engage with you and keep you on their radar. For high quality original or curated content, 100th Monkey Media sets the standard.

Posting and Content

  • Consumer oriented postings
  • Quality content delivered daily
  • Email lists invited to like your page
  • Properly formatted pictures/graphics with posts
  • Posting with # and Keywords


  • Answering, commenting and actively engaging fans
  • Engaging your page with strategically targeted businesses
  • Managing negative and inappropriate posts

Advertising and Campaigns

  • Original campaign development and implementation
  • Targeted demographics
  • Boosting posts
  • Analytical reports to gauge success

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