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100th Monkey was founded in 2010 to provide social media services, content creation, and other marketing services to businesses in the St. Louis, Missouri area. We have evolved to serve a wide variety of clients in many industries and geographical areas, providing a full range of marketing services to meet our clients’ unique needs.

The team at 100th Monkey is not interested in selling a service and walking away. We believe that our services must fit into the larger puzzle of your business development and marketing strategy. Whether we are a small part of your marketing department or serve as your entire marketing team, we strive to communicate your voice, help you reach your goals, and connect you with your customers.

We have proven proficiency in many areas of marketing: 

  • Strategic planning: We meet with you to explore your concerns and desires, set expectations, and form a plan to succeed.
  • Content: We create and curate high-quality content that helps you shine online.
  • Social Media Services: We manage your online presence, post, blog, send email campaigns, and advertise based upon the strategic marketing plan and in accordance with your budget and needs. 
  • Digital Advertising: We utilize industry best practices to optimize your advertising efforts on the platforms that will reach your desired audience. 
  • Engagement: We engage with your audience in a way that reflects your company, providing customer service and learning about your target audience by observing their reactions. 
  • Measurement: Depending upon your services and wishes, we will provide feedback and/or formal reports regarding the success of marketing efforts.
  • Follow-up: We provide database integration for follow-up and fulfillment and can even assist with follow-up efforts. 
  • Thought Leadership: We excel in helping industry leaders display their knowledge. This includes speaker presentation, blogging, video creation, and more. 
Developing an effective online presence requires time, focus, and the ability to be responsive to your audience in a timely manner. It also requires creativity, discipline, the right tools, and expertise. The 100th Monkey team includes experts in every facet of social media marketing. We excel in working together to convey your message in your voice, creating a community of loyal followers and customers. Contact 100th Monkey today to begin exploring how we can take your marketing to the next level! 

Our mission & vision

100th Monkey has been connecting companies with their audiences for more than a decade. Our creative and caring team works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing directors to grow a community of loyal, happy customers. Our MISSION is to partner with companies to co-create a long-term plan for growth through both their marketing efforts and overall business goals. 

Our VISION is to help make the digital world a place where people and businesses find community, support, growth and kindness, and to see that reflected in the physical world around us. 

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