5 Social Media Feeds We Love

Social media has become a routine part of our daily lives, providing constant content and updates from our favorite brands. Since February is the month of love, we thought it would be fun to share five of our favorite social media feeds worth following. 

*WARNING* – you might spend hours looking at these. 😉 

Scrub Daddy

We love a good sponge, but a sponge with a killer social media feed… even better. Scrub Daddy is slaying the social media game, especially with TikTok. They are keeping it real, fun, and relatable… and it’s paying off. With over 2.9 million followers, Scrub Daddy is entertaining people while products fly off the shelves.

Auntie Anne’s 

Who doesn’t love a pretzel from this place? Not only are they winning their pretzel game, but their Instagram feed as well. It’s fun, delicious, and completely different from what you’d expect from a pretzel company. Their post for the new year made us giggle. 


Not our favorite fast-food restaurant to eat at, but definitely our favorite to follow on Twitter. Aside from always making us laugh, their tweets keep us on our toes and coming back for more. We’ve never seen a company be able to creatively roast people on the internet as well as Wendy’s does. 


Discovery’s Instagram feed is stopping our scroll. Their breathtaking photos invite us to experience an African safari, then drop us deep into the jungle. Creative and captivating posts and reels drive people to their brand over and over again. 


Notion is bringing business casual to LinkedIn, and we are here for it. Their down-to-earth postings are relatable, fun, and a nice break from the typical things you find on LinkedIn. Their feed does a great job of reflecting their brand too. With almost 300K followers, we aren’t the only ones feeling inspired.

What are some social media feeds that you love right now? Be sure to follow 100th Monkey on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more fun!