Add a Profile Photo or Logo to Your Google My Business

Happy day 19 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing! Today we are chatting about adding a profile photo or logo to your Google My Business account. This not only puts a face/logo with a brand, but makes your overall appearance on Google look professional and clean! People might not always remember your name, but they will remember a face/logo!

Here’s how to add a photo or logo:

  • Head to your Google My Business account
  • On the left side of the page tap on the “photos” button
  • There you will see an area to add a logo and cover photo
  • Tap the “logo” button
  • Upload your logo and click “set logo”
  • Repeat these steps for the “cover” button

And that’s it! Easy right?! Google recommends logos size 720 pixels by 720 pixels and you can use a software program like Canva to create and size them!

Stay tuned for day 20!

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