Are You Ready to be Social?

Social media is the best way to send out your messages and have them point right back to you. But before you jump into social, there are some foundational items you may wish to have in place, or at least begin to put in place, as you grow your social networks.Are you ready to get social?

Foundation: A company is not going to make it on a shaky foundation. Yes, some companies have taken the time to build a solid business plan, which is great; but others are more organic and continually strengthen their foundation as they learn and grow. No matter the approach, it is pertinent to have a sense of voice, personality, audience(s), strategies and goals before venturing into the social world.

Website: All roads lead back to a company website. A website is a showcase of products and services, answers to frequently asked questions, basic information about team, how to contact the company, directions and more. Social media can then be utilized to help draw people in to the website to learn more. Need a great website? We know exactly who you should talk to – let us know and we will introduce you.

Content: This is a big one. There are several types of content and all are important.

  • Blogs: Google is an avid reader. This blog you are reading right now, is not only dispensing awesome information, it is also helping 100th Monkey to be found on the Internet. Google penalizes sites that are not updated, so blogs are a great way to keep the site fresh and found. Also, we highly recommend re-purposing blog content and including it on a LinkedIn profile.
  • Video: Social media loves video! There are several different levels of video. Showcase videos require a higher level of production, requiring story boards, professional videographers, actors and more. Other videos can easily be created with a smartphone. Live video is a great way to capture a moment, event or on-the-spot testimonial. Videos can be placed on several different sites, including a website, and serve as an ongoing asset for a company.
  • Visuals: Visuals include cover images and profile pictures, but also those used on social media. It’s a good idea to have a digital copy of your logo with a transparent background, which can be added to visuals such as quotes, testimonials, tips, tricks, hints and more. These visuals act as branding tools for your company. A useful site for creating visuals quickly is Canva.

Patience: Marketing of all types takes time. It would be wonderful if once a Facebook page went up, the world flocked to the site and signed up to buy, but this is not reality. It’s a noisy world out there. To be found takes time and patience; otherwise it becomes an exercise in frustration (and who needs that?). Post consistently, stay true to your brand, keep up with the trends and continually create good content; there are great payoffs to be found!

100th Monkey can get you ready to go social! Connect with us today!

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