Business or Personal?

Business or personal? A question we often get asked when it comes to Instagram, and for day 12 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing, we’re going to give you the scoop.

A personal Instagram page is just as it seems… personal. That’s why when it comes to your brand or business, a business account is a must. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t use your personal Facebook account for your brand, right?

Not only does having a business account look better, but it also comes with many additional features including:

  • Insights – get an inside look at who\’s visiting and following your page
  • Shopping – this is a great feature if you have a shoppable website for your business
  • Ads – reach more people with an advertising options
  • Contact options – add your phone number, address, email, and website

To change to an Instagram business account, simply head to your profile page on Instagram:

  • Click the settings tab
  • Tap the “account” button
  • Click on the “switch to professional account”
  • Click “done”

If you find Instagram business a little tricky to operate, 100th Monkey is here to help! We offer a full Instagram business package! You can inquire HERE.

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