Create a Facebook Business Page

To kick off our #30daysofmonkeymarketing challenge, we figured we\’d dive deep into the Facebook world. Facebook is one of the top social media channels in the world and we highly recommend that you have a Business Facebook page for your business, brand, company, etc. With almost 3 billion active users on Facebook, having a page for your business is a no-brainer. Creating a page is simple! Here\’s what you need to do:

Head to facebook.com/pages/ to create a page.

Click on “create new page”.

Select a name for your page.

Select a category for your page – Facebook helps you a bit with this one!

Create a description for your page. (This task is optional and we will be covering more on it later in the week!)

Click the “create page” button.

And that’s it!

Easy right?!

Stay tuned for what to do next as we will be posting daily tips at 8:45 AM CST all month long! If you have completed day 1, we\’d love to know! Tag your post/photos with #30daysofmonkeymarketing or leave us a comment on our Facebook page!

ps – If you would rather have someone take the reins and create a page for you, 100th Monkey is always here to help!

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