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We are wrapping up Facebook today for our #30daysofmonkeymarketing and giving you the scoop on Facebook Ads. Advertising on Facebook is incredibly beneficial to your brand and can increase your traffic to your page and business. 1.6 billion people are connected to a small business on Facebook, making the platform a great place to advertise!

To advertise on Facebook, head to the “create an ad” button on your Facebook page. From there Facebook will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to create your ad. It will look a little something like this:

  • Choose your objective – this simply means that you are picking the best way to get the attention of the audience you want to target.
  • Select your audience – you can either pick a specific location to target, things people are interested in, or both. We recommend using both!
  • Where to run your ad – this means where your ads will be placed. The “automatic placement” option is recommended by Facebook and is very easy to use.
  • Your budget – this can be daily, ongoing, or over a specific timeframe. A good budget is usually $50 a month.
  • A format – do you want a single photo, video, or slideshow for your ad? Any of them are great to use!

After you walk through these steps, you will submit your ad for review. This is where things can get a little tricky. Once your ad is approved, you can manage it through your Facebook Ads Manager.

If you want ads for your business, but don’t have the time to create them. 100th Monkey offers an amazing Facebook Ads package. We create and manage ads that work for you and your brand. Plus having the ability to quickly reach someone on Facebook makes the process much easier! Get started HERE.

And that’s it for day 8! If you create an ad, we\’d love to know! Head to our Facebook page and leave us a comment!

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