Facebook Graphics 101

It’s day 7 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing and the first week is in the books! We covered Facebook posting yesterday and today it’s time to talk about Facebook graphics!

Graphics can be photos, text creations, and even videos. When posting graphics to Facebook, keep in mind that they need to reflect your brand/business. We recommend asking yourself the following when posting:

What is my purpose for this post?

Am I getting my target audience’s attention?

Would I interact with this post?

Considering these can help you make the most of your graphics!

When posting a photo, use one that is clean and clear. Clean and clear photos instantly draw attention and are great for generating traffic on your post.

If you are posting a text graphic, use a software program like Canva or PicMonkey. These programs are easy to use and allow you to create specific-sized graphics for your posting needs. Make sure to keep your text cohesive, use colors to match your brand, and always make sure to add your logo to the graphic. Check out our example, notice how we used our color scheme, bold text, logo, and even added our website. The graphic is direct, clean, and easy for people to read. Text graphics can be simple, fun, and a great way to post!

If you are feeling very creative and want to post a video, software programs like Vimeo and Animoto are great to use. Keep the same things in mind when creating and posting videos.

That\’s it for week 7! Be sure to check back daily at 8:45 AM CST as we continue to post our #30daysofmonkeymarketing tips and tricks!

Stay tuned!

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