With the average U.S. adult spending more than 30 minutes on Facebook daily, many businesses find Facebook the best place to display their brand and inform their community of followers. Facebook is also one of the top five search engines, making a Facebook presence essential. 

How can 100th Monkey help with my Facebook presence?

  • Optimize your Facebook page
  • Create audience-focused posts and stories
  • Post events and photo albums
  • Provide active reputation management: remove negative or inappropriate comments, respond to reviews, etc.
  • Engage with your Facebook community by liking, commenting, sharing, etc. 
  • Strategically target and engage with other businesses
  • Create and manage Facebook shopping catalogs
  • Review and analyze insights to continuously develop strategy for optimal reach

100th Monkey works with each company to customize a strategic plan that provides the best and most fitting services to meet their goals and budgets.