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6 New Marketing Tactics to Try in 2023

New year, new marketing plan…  Well, kind of. You see, a good rule of thumb going into a new year is to optimize what is currently working for your marketing needs. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try something new.

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Wish List for the Marketer

Dear Santa,  We’ve been really good this year, so if you happen to think the same, here are a few things on our wish lists: Planner – You know…to keep us organized throughout the year.  Coffee – We will pass

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Quiet in an Active, Noisy World

For those days when you are working away, but would also like to take in some beauty and quiet, I’ve curated a list for you (see below) from some of the more popular streaming channels: Earth Moods from Disney+ will take

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That Was Then. This Is WOW!

I am fascinated with the future and futurists like Dr. Michio Kaku and Ray Kurzweil. My head was in the future even as a little girl. I once told my mom that I could not wait for the day when I would be

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Meet Our New Monkey

As 2021 progresses, change is still all around us – in the way we meet, market, connect, shop, and just about everything else. 100th Monkey has made many changes as well, now including a new look! So, why a new

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April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is here. Throughout the years, the internet has served up a lot of fun on this day. Keep an eye and ear out for some wacky digital play on 4/1. Here are some examples of past foolish fun: “Rickrolling” is when you trick

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