Google is an Avid Reader

Google processes over 40,000 searches per second, making it imperative that a business take steps to be “seen” by Google eyes. Since Google is an avid reader, a site that maintains consistent blog content is more likely to be brought into Google’s awareness. Some websites are updated frequently because of the nature of the business, as new products and services become available on a regular basis. For websites that maintain the same products and services day in and day out, blogging becomes extremely important, allowing the business to stay current in searches.

There are several other reasons to blog. Here are a few to consider:

  • Fresh content that uses keywords, topics and categories relating to your business helps it to be found more easily.
  • Blogging creates industry leaders. Businesses that share information about their industry come to be recognized as valuable and knowledgeable leaders.
  • Blogging builds trust. The more a business can show it knows, the more that clients and potential clients will trust that the business can supply what they need.
  • Blogging saves time. As industries grow and change, new FAQs are bound to occur. Recognizing that updated information is required, then blogging about it shows that the business has the pulse of the market. Make sure to point audiences to the new information via social media posts and to answer email inquiries about the subject.
  • Blogging helps your business to become a resource. Audiences greatly appreciate finding the information they seek. By becoming a resource, your business will consistently grow its audience as new people come in to learn.
  • Content is still king! In order to draw people in to the website from outbound efforts, content creation rules. Create posts and newsletters that lead people to the blog for additional information.
  • Think evergreen. Evergreen content has a long shelf life. This is especially important for building a rich treasury of blogs that can be pointed to again and again via social media. At 100th Monkey, we create databases of tweets for our blogging clients that consistently tweet out blog content.

Blogging is a popular and direct form of communication that helps connect an audience with a company, and allows the company to share relevant information on a consistent basis. No time to blog? We can do so for you. Contact 100th Monkey today!

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