How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

We’re back for day 14 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing and today we are talking about how often you should be posting to Instagram. You might remember our posting advice to Facebook a few days ago and if not, you can see it HERE.

When it comes to Instagram, our advice is pretty much the same. We suggest that you post, or share an Instagram story, at least TWO TIMES a week. If you can post more, that’s even better, but posting at least two times a week keeps your content current and lets people know that you are active.

You can post directly to your feed or post an Instagram story, which is becoming a very popular tool to use on Instagram. To access your stories:

  • Tap on the (+) button
  • Scroll until you see the “stories” option
  • From there you can tap, record, or even upload a photo to your stories
  • Feel free to play around with all of the fun story features as well
  • When you\’re done, tap “send to” and then by “your story” click on the blue “share” option

And that’s it! Tomorrow we will be back to chat about Instagram graphics and what you should be sharing to your page! Stay tuned!

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