How Often Should you Post to Facebook?

It’s day 6 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing and today we are diving deep into posting on Facebook!

You’ve set up your Facebook page… now it\’s time to post!

Posting might seem easy, you can post something… right?

More often than so, keeping up with your postings can fall behind and that\’s ok! We get it!

What we recommend is that you post at least TWO times a week to Facebook. If you can post more, GREAT, but posting at least two times a week keeps your page current and lets people know you are active.

If you find it hard to post, Facebook has an amazing publishing tools option that lets you schedule your posts ahead of time to make it easier. To access this option, head to your Facebook page and click on the “publishing tools” button. From there you can create your posts and schedule them using the toggle down next to the “share now”.

If you share a post on your Facebook page, let us know by commenting on our Facebook page! We\’d love to see it!

And if Facebook posting is just too much, 100th Monkey offers full service posting for Facebook! See our social media packages HERE.

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