How to Make LinkedIn Connections

Happy day 27 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing! Today we are chatting about making connections on LinkedIn. Here’s what you need to know:

Just like Facebook and Instagram, it is just as important for your brand/business to make connections on LinkedIn. In addition to posting to your LinkedIn business page, invite people and create relationships! Doing so can increase your traffic and grow your business. LinkedIn offers a great selection of people for you to connect with and they usually have something similar to your business, or might even be close to you location-wise. Connecting with these people is a great way to grow your company. Here’s how to connect:

  • On the right side of your business page, you will see a list of people with an “invite” option next to them. Note that LinkedIn only allows you so many connections so use them wisely!
  • Click the “invite” option
  • And that’s it! Easy right?!

Another great way to create connections on LinkedIn is to join groups. LinkedIn offers thousands of groups to join and finding one that fits your business or brand is a great way to make connections!

Stay tuned for day 28 as we wrap up our LinkedIn tips!

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