Instagram Graphics 101

Let’s talk about Instagram graphics for day 15 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing. Instagram is a very graphic-driven platform. Basically, good graphics go a long way on Instagram. Whether it’s photos, text creations, or even videos, creating graphics that are clean and clear can significantly help your page.

When you post a photo graphic to Instagram, make sure that it is not blurry. Instagram offers an array of filters you can apply to photos and applying one is a great way to get your overall Instagram aesthetic to flow nicely. You can also crop, edit, and touch up those photos in addition to adding a filter.

When you post a text graphic to Instagram the same rules apply as we mention with Facebook graphics. Use a software program like Canva or PicMonkey to create an image that is the correct size. Keep the text, color, and overall look cohesive and a reflection of your brand. Make sure your graphic is clean, clear, and gets the message you are trying to share across.

When it comes to posting a video, the same rules apply, but keep in mind that Instagram only lets you upload a video that is 60 seconds in length. You can upload longer videos by using other Instagram features like stories, reels, and IGTV.

If you post a graphic to your Instagram page, we’d love to see it! Drop us a comment on our Facebook page so we can take a look!

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