Introducing: Monkey Speaks!

Sweaty palms. A little sick to your stomach. Dry throat. Increased heart rate. These are some of the classic signs of glossophobia.

It’s no secret that many of us suffer from fear of public speaking. In fact, some research shows that presenting in front of an audience can affect up to 75% of the population. Feeling nervous and showing signs of anxiety seems almost natural before taking the stage, no matter how much you may have prepared. What if we told you that we could help?

Introducing: Monkey Speaks by 100th Monkey!

Owner Mich Hancock taps into her many years of public speaking to assist you in bringing your best foot forward during any presentation. Creating human connections, imploring innovative ideas, and producing evergreen presentations are well within her wheelhouse. In fact, Mich co-founded TEDxStLouis and can help to TED-ify any presentation! She can work with both individuals and companies to increase leadership abilities and increase audience size.

Mich works closely with Josh Levey, owner of Medici Mediaspace, to help coach presenters to bring their best content forward. Josh has conducted numerous strategy sessions for companies of all sizes, and can help leaders to identify missed opportunities. These two all-stars can get you into a zone you might not have known existed!

Monkey Speaks has already worked with 25 Wells Fargo advisors to TED-ify their presentations to both clients and companies, opening a wider net to huge financial gains. The company places stock into building internal leaders through speaker coaching, which creates many spokespeople for the business and keeps employees engaged.

Mich and Josh have been working closely with Moziah Bridges to help him create and perfect his keynote presentation for the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, happening on May 21st. Moziah is an entrepreneur and the CEO at Mo’s Bows Memphis. Moziah and company recently signed a deal with the NBA to place logos onto bowties. Oh, and you might know him from his appearance on Shark Tank, where he received one of the best deals on the show at the age of 11! Moziah’s virtual speech, “How to Balance a Bow Tie,” covers the idea that adults in business shouldn’t completely abandon their childhood ways. To ensure you don’t miss a second of this presentation, register today!

Of course, a presentation isn’t limited by a single public speaking event. Monkey Speaks can help with interviews, internal communications, networking, marketing services, podcasts and more! It’s more than just a presentation, it’s a chance to be coached into more confident speaking engagements and more opportunities will arise for your business!

Discover your inner, authentic presenter through Monkey Speaks, and discover all of the missed opportunities that have been right in front of you! Contact 100th Monkey today for your free consultation, and put your best presentation foot forward!

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