100th Monkey Helps you Love Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful network! It’s the largest professional network in the world with more than 830 million members in 200 countries. Professionals sign up to join at a rate of more than two members per second!

Love Your LinkedIn

As most networks go, you get out of it what you put into it. Like other social media platforms, your LinkedIn profile requires time and attention in order to grow your network and make that network work for you. We understand the blocks to your making the most of your profile; professionals share with us that they:

  • Don’t have the time
  • Are not confident in their writing skills
  • Are unfamiliar with the marketing options available to LinkedIn users
  • They are concerned about SPAM compliance
  • Are not aware of how to connect with LinkedIn users that seem inaccessible to them

We can help you! 100th Monkey can provide you with a potent solution to fill your pipeline via a LinkedIn campaign that includes:

LinkedIn Profile Creation – During an interview style Q&A we learn more about your background, experience, skills and expertise to develop content for your profile.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover – We use best practices to complete and enhance your profile for increased profile strength and SEO via LinkedIn’s algorithm.

LinkedIn Connecting – After identifying your ideal lead, we research and expand your LinkedIn network using targeted criteria to expand your network of quality connections.

eDrip Lead Generation Campaign – We export your LinkedIn connections and craft a series of three email campaigns intended to inform, follow up, and engage. The results are leads and referrals for growing your revenue and sales pipeline.

eMarketing Nurture Campaign – Developing a strong follow­-up and nurture campaign will allow you to stay top­-of-­mind for contacts who may have an interest in your services but aren’t ready to buy today.

Database Creation & Maintenance – For those clients looking to take their connections and include them in a reusable format for future marketing, we can help you to set up a database that can be easily managed as your list continues to build.

“Our clients are seeing 40% – 50% open rates on these emails,” shares 100th Monkey CEO, Mich Hancock, “it’s music to my ears when a client calls and says they feel overwhelmed at the number of responses they receive! Of course, we work with them to create a solid process for the campaign so they can handle what comes in.”

Let us help you find the connections that make the most sense for your brand, create growing awareness to your network, deliver leads directly to you – all while making it easy for you to follow up on those leads and take your business to the next level.

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Revised August 2022

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