Make Your Marketing Merry

‘Tis the holiday season and it’s more important than ever to be active online! A stellar online presence throughout the holiday season can help boost business by ensuring that you show up in your niche market. Here are a few quick and easy tips to make sure your marketing is merry and bright.  

holiday marketing tips

Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

Offering top-notch customer service in-store AND online can really make you stand out against your competitors. It’s important to make sure you are routinely checking your social media pages and following up with any customer inquiries. Don’t have time to do so? 100th Monkey offers around-the-clock social media page monitoring that ensures your business and customer needs are being met at all times!

Start Your Holiday Campaigns Early

It’s November, which means your holiday campaigns should be in full swing! Boosting your ad spend during this time of the year can help drive sales and also help you to show up in more places. Expect to pay a little more for each click or sale than throughout the rest of the year and expect to wait longer for ad approval because there are more ads and more competition for your customers’ attention. Not sure where to start with holiday advertisements (or don’t even know what we mean)? We can help! 

Use Hashtags

Studies show that businesses that use hashtags can increase their brand visibility by over 50%; that’s 50% more eyes on your postings and more importantly, your business! We recommend quickly researching hashtags to find which ones work best for your brand. This little handy tool can help.  

Target Your Existing Customers 

Have an email list or physical addresses for your recent customers? Reach out to them and let them know what is currently happening during the holiday season. This is a great way to boost traffic for upcoming sales, launches, and events! At 100th Monkey we offer email marketing and direct mail services for businesses both large and small. 

Create Nostalgia 

Lastly, the holidays are a great time to reminisce. When posting to social media, ask your customers to share their favorite holiday traditions or even their favorite holiday movies. Interacting with your customers is a great way to boost your social media channels and customer engagement! 

We understand that the holiday season can be a very busy time of year for businesses and the people behind the business. We’re here to help you with all of your marketing needs and alleviate some of the stress that comes with the season! Let’s chat – give us a call (636-789-1776) or send us an email (monkey@100thmm.com).