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New Year, New Services

Marketing is known for its ever-changing nature. In recent years, the pace of this evolution has accelerated rapidly. New technologies, platforms, and strategies emerge almost daily. Businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition must adapt and be proactive

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Keep Your Customers Cheery this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time when high traffic on your social channels, especially Instagram and Facebook, can easily convert to leads/sales. Utilizing those channels and keeping your current and future customers happy is key to a successful holiday season. Studies

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Make Your Marketing Merry

‘Tis the holiday season and it’s more important than ever to be active online! A stellar online presence throughout the holiday season can help boost business by ensuring that you show up in your niche market. Here are a few

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Google is an Avid Reader

Google processes over 40,000 searches per second, making it imperative that a business take steps to be “seen” by Google eyes. Since Google is an avid reader, a site that maintains consistent blog content is more likely to be brought into

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Bring Video to Life

Live video is an awesome and powerful tool. Facebook loves live videos and will actively assist letting your network know you’ve gone live. Some live video ideas for you are: Behind the scenes videos. We go live for all the MichMash

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Marketing Solutions – Not Services

These days, it is possible to purchase just about ANY type of service or product.  But, as an entrepreneur, it is helpful to think not only about the wide range of products and services your company offers, but also about

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