Marketing During Uncertain Times

Uncertainty can throw even the calmest people for a loop: unpredictable schedules, changed strategies, and upended business models can crop up out of nowhere. While planning for uncertain times (say, a pandemic) can never be fool-proof, learning to be adaptable is a skill that can make or break a business.

This means marketing your business must change, too! The process may be new, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Here are some of the most critical questions about pivoting marketing efforts during uncertain times, answered by marketing experts.

Should my business continue to invest time in social media marketing?

You bet! So many people are working from home, and are online more than usual. This gives businesses an opportunity to get in front of people who might normally not see their content. Posting regular updates, including some new hashtags, and promoting your page might grab a few more likes and comments. 100th Monkey offers our 100 Most Wanted service, helping you determine those contacts most important to your business, and reach out to them on your behalf to build relationships. The best part about social media is that it allows human-to-human connection, even in times when we are socially distancing in the physical sense. Take advantage of the platforms readily available to you, and make sure you are noticed.

Mich Hancock, our own 100th Monkey CEO shares, “Our clients remain busy. Some have pivoted their services to better fit our current way of being, others have chosen to pause, but step up their connection building so they are better prepared when their market reopens. With more eyes online, it’s an optimal time to be out in front to share what you and your company are doing now to continue moving toward a better future for all.”

How should I adjust my marketing strategy?

Take a good look at your current strategy. So many people have been affected during this time that your audience’s wants and needs have shifted. Think about what they need, coupled with what they hear from you. Do those two ideas match? If not, tailor the messaging to what the audience needs to hear from you during this time. This will build clout with followers and create loyalty.

Josh Levey, President of Medici MediaSpace shares, “We continue to grow our membership. Building community is at our core, so we took our strategy sessions online and offer several opportunities for both members and non-members to stay connected.”

Should sales be paused during this time?

There is really only one person who can answer this question: YOU! If there is a clear need for what you provide, keep selling! Some businesses may need to pivot to an e-commerce website. Others may need to virtually connect via video conferencing. If you discover a gap that needs to be filled, fill it!

Sean Brady, Business Coach and Investor shares that “The only time sales should be paused is when the business owner is on pause. If you are not enthused about your business then you are not sold yourself, if you are excited about your business and know you can continue to lend value, keep selling.”

What peripheral tasks can I cross off my list?

If you are keeping up with regular business tasks and have extra time to spare, there are several things you can do to prepare for growth in the future.  La’Sandra Gillespie, Partner and Consultant at CEV shares that “This is the ideal time for CEOs and Executives to find and train a virtual assistant; when the economy opens back up these leaders will be in a much better position to work at a higher level for their business.”

If you are a visionary, take the time now to plan ahead for what is to come. Focusing on future markets, connections and services may lead to exploring a new opportunity and revenue stream. Fine-tuning your company brand and voice is another way to use this time wisely. If you’ve not used a message map, now is an excellent time to discover how one can shape your business. Revamping your website and its content is another perfect investment. You may discover broken links, out-of-date blog posts, or language that needs updating. Need help with your site? We do that, too!

What’s the best thing I can do for my business right now?

The number one asset of your company is you. Keep in good health mentally and physically by utilizing professional and personal tools. Being rested and centered will allow a much clearer head to use for new ideas!

Yes, we know these uncertain times present many challenges, especially for entrepreneurs. Viewing these challenges as opportunities can help you manage any accompanying anxiety and move forward with a plan. If part of your plan includes marketing your business (hint: it should), 100th Monkey is the partner you need. View our list of services here, or connect with us!

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