Marketing – What Should You Expect: Patience, patience, patience

When marketers of integrity hear claims like these…

  • “Sign up today and we’ll deliver only high-quality leads to you!”
  • “This is a limited time offer, so you need to act now.”
  • “Your business cannot afford to miss out on this offer!”
  • “We will share the marketing secrets that only large companies know about.”
  • “We work directly with Google, or Facebook, Twitter, or . . . “
  • “We specialize in viral content!”

. . . . . we cringe.

No matter the cost, the companies making these claims tend to say what the client wants, and so wishes to be true, so they can make a dollar. Marketing companies are in it for the long haul, they depend on volume while delivering little value.

The truth of the matter is that marketing takes time and consistency . . . and patience.

To get on the radar of search engines and social media sites requires posting and updating; a presence is virtually invisible without it. On social, daily updates are a great way to stay visible and current to your audience. Websites also require updating, make sure to include a couple of new blog posts each month. If the business is particularly active, consider regular updates to the homepage to feature new products and noteworthy news.

What is posted must be relevant. Ask – is this information important to the audience, does it make their life easier or more enjoyable, provide a bit of fun, touch the heart? If the content posted is not relevant to the audience, it will go unnoticed.

Keeping an eye on the pages is of utmost importance, audiences expect someone to be on the other end. When someone engages with the page and it goes consistently unnoticed, the audience will figure that the company doesn’t care and more than likely feel no need to engage again. It’s so frustrating for people to reach out to company via a tweet or Facebook message and no one ever get back to them. There is also the risk of someone posting unwanted comments to a page, this can really work against a company’s hard earned reputation.

Yes, it takes time to create and curate great content, but over time such efforts will help build your brand, create an engaged audience and aid in growing your audience.

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