Marketing Solutions – Not Services

These days, it is possible to purchase just about ANY type of service or product. 

But, as an entrepreneur, it is helpful to think not only about the wide range of products and services your company offers, but also about which problems you’re solving for your customers. That’s why we emphasize proposing marketing solutions, not just a list of services.

For example, selling life insurance involves both a service and a product – an agent compares rates offered by different companies and selling insurance plans. However, they’re really selling peace of mind, and that is the marketing message potential customers need to hear! 

If you are uncertain about the exact problem you solve, exploring your clients’ needs may point to new and profitable offerings for your company. Think about the seemingly straightforward transaction between an artist and their buyer: the sale of an amazing piece of art. To add value and solve the client’s problem, an artist could offer to view photos of the purchaser’s space and offer different pieces that would be complementary. This adds an unexpected service and provides a solution to a problem that the buyer might have not even known they have!

How does this apply to marketing? We’re glad you asked, because this concept drives 100th Monkey to help their clients succeed in growing their businesses, not just their marketing budget.

We offer a wide variety of marketing services to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and companies from many industries. Yet, at our core, we are truly marketing detectives. We dig deep to find solutions to marketing problems that may have plagued our clients for years. Once we’ve uncovered issues, we outline solutions and partner with clients to implement strategies that will take them to the next level.

This process is a lot like putting together a huge puzzle. At first, the sheer number of parts can be overwhelming. With a little preparation, you can begin to categorize each piece and group them together based on color, image, and location within the photo. Slowly, things start to fall into place. The finished product showcases each and every bit in the right place. We can all agree that the process is easier and more enjoyable with additional hands and eyes to help  discover the right spots.  

The 100th Monkey team specializes in partnering with companies to assemble the puzzle pieces, working together to discover new services to offer, perfect those you have, and pause ideas that aren’t working for you right now. The result is a beautiful picture with potential additional revenue streams, more effective products and services, and a clear marketing strategy.