Marketing Strategy Sessions: Level Up!

A marketing plan for business seems like a no-brainer: after all, these plans define how you go-to-market with current and new customers, what content gets posted online (and to where), and at your website. An entrepreneur needs to use their strengths to run their businesses, and if marketing isn’t one of those skills, it’s time to bring in some help!

Since 2010, 100th Monkey has been proud to serve the St. Louis area as a leader in marketing strategy, planning, and implementation. Our team can take on whatever challenge you throw at us, and with a diverse group, our ideas are infinite! We understand the many pieces and strategies that go into creating a strong marketing plan; and we know that it is imperative to ensure all components work well together to ensure brand cohesity.

Marketing strategy sessions are offered in three tiers, each of which expand on one another to provide deliverables and customized outcomes for your business. You’ll work with a team of experts to tackle a single business problem, or create an entire year of marketing plans to execute. Check out the options listed below!

White Board Strategy Session

This session hones in on one single business challenge. Two of our C-Level experts will brainstorm with your team for two hours to find innovative solutions. At the end of the session, there will be a clear plan for overcoming and moving past the block to better business. The session will be documented, and a follow-up report will be provided, detailing the ideas discussed in the meeting, as well as ways to implement them. If your business is struggling with one major issue, this tier makes an excellent choice for you!

Setting the Foundation Strategy Session

Entrepreneurs who are looking for an overall plan to execute on their own, or in combination with an agency, should select this awesome route. Over the course of 2 ½ to 3 hours, three C-Level consultants will help to determine a clearly-defined direction that will inform all marketing tasks moving forward. This tier comes with amazing deliverables, such as a verbal review of your website, recommended messaging and keywords, content ideas for numerous mediums and platforms, a six-month content marketing plan and a 20-page marketing playbook for your team. Choosing this session ensures you’re ready to market your business with cohesive branding, interesting and appropriate content, and an amazing web presence!

Comprehensive Strategy Session

Ready to level up? Our most robust marketing session showcases five C-Level consultants for 5-6 hours of conceptualizing to create a sustainable advantage in the marketplace for your business! With a full year plan including all elements of digital and traditional marketing, you will have a clearly defined direction for all marketing efforts and will be ready to lead the pack! This package has numerous deliverables, including:

  • A written audit report on your website.
  • A website development plan.
  • Recommended messaging and keywords.
  • Identified and custom hashtags.
  • A full year marketing plan including website content updates, digital advertising, social media posting suggestions, newsletter recommendations, and traditional media ideas.
  • A lead generation and conversion plan.
  • Public relation opportunities.
  • Content ideas for multiple platforms and mediums.
  • A 35+ page marketing playbook.
  • A branding style guide.
  • A personalized focus group session of customer personals with surveys.
  • A transcript and video recording of the strategy session.

Our Marketing Strategy Session Plans are flexible and can accommodate many different business types and challenges, even during this historic time! Whether you’re having trouble getting past a business issue or are ready to really invest in marketing efforts, we have you covered!

It’s important to remember when determining a marketing strategy that you can’t just throw “spaghetti” to a wall to see what sticks. While it might be tempting to do so, some brand credibility could be ruined if audiences see or feel a disconnect in your overall business image. Don’t turn away potential customers, have a plan to bring in leads and convert those leads.

If you’re itching to burst onto the scene with a cohesive marketing plan, reach out today for more information!

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