Meet Mich and the Monkey!

Welcome to the first blog in our series where we will introduce our 100th Monkey team to you. We pride ourselves on being a strong, authentic team and we want you to know all about us. Let’s start with our fearless leader, Mich!

Mich Hancock is a social media powerhouse, sought-after speaker, host, and all-around one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. She’s presented to large audiences and understands how to captivate and engage them. Being an entrepreneur herself, Mich understands what it takes for a woman to be a successful business owner and encourages other women to build their own companies. Read on to learn about her business ventures, mantras, and genuinely positive outlook on life.

Believing in the power of connection, she co-founded TEDxStLouis, which helps to bring innovative ideas to St. Louis. This chapter of TEDx differs from others because it features speakers connected to St. Louis; which is a gift meant to elevate our region. Mich believes in the power TEDx has to bring a positive influence to anyone who is involved, from speakers to audience members. At times when the world is feeling full of chaos, she advises you listen to a TED Talk. These talks are presented by people doing good work, work that is in alignment with evolving the human race.

Mich Hancock speaking during a TedXStLouis women’s event.

Mich also hosts her own successful podcast! MichMash is a weekly podcast in which she asks guests questions meant to spark ingenious conversations that will stay with you as you navigate your own path. Mich talks to people doing innovative and interesting work who can empower us to be better. You can subscribe to the podcast here.

If you’re looking to get into podcasting yourself, Mich also offers those services! She is an Ambassador for Medici MediaSpace, where Shock City Studios has recently added a professional podcast recording space. Mich can help you with everything from setting up your podcast, podcast production, branding and marketing services, securing guests, on through to a finished product. Larger companies may wish to consider creating an internal podcast that can keep employees engaged and knowledgable about their own company activities, initiative, impact, employees, mission, vision and more.

Of course, 100th Monkey wouldn’t exist without her either! As soon as social media sites began to share the internet space, Mich fell in love with social. As she shares, “When social media hit the scene, I realized that all my quirky talents made sense!” In 2010, she saw the need for human-to-human connection in the social media sphere and knew she could help businesses by taking these tasks off their plate, creating a vibrant lead generation solution that could prove conversion. Of course, 100th Monkey offers more than social media management services. We are actually problem solvers, we want to know what is causing stress for you and your business. Once we relieve this, it paves the way for good marketing.

A new and exciting service we now offer is the 100 Most Wanted a guerilla marketing approach to determining the 100 people you want to securing a meeting with, then creating a process for making it happen. These could be potential strategic partners, investors, clients, allies and more.

Mich does all of this and so much more: she’s a mom, a champion for women, and a beacon of light. Always positive even when she watches the worst unfold, Mich carries the mantra, “I know we can be better,” to the next level. She’s always around to lend a hand and help you figure out a solution to your problem, while adding a layer of optimism to boot. Once you meet Mich, you won’t forget her!

You’re in the right hands with Mich at the helm of 100th Monkey, and every other venture she spearheads. Stay tuned to more blogs about the rest of our tight-knit team!

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