Meet Our New Monkey

As 2021 progresses, change is still all around us – in the way we meet, market, connect, shop, and just about everything else. 100th Monkey has made many changes as well, now including a new look!

So, why a new monkey? The old one was so cute! 

We agree. Our original monkey was adorable, confident, friendly, and capable of juggling a lot of social media channels. A lot of things have changed, and with change came reflection about who we are, an evolution of how we serve, and growth in every way.

  • Our Services: When 100th Monkey began more than 10 years ago, we focused primarily on posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We wrote a handful of blogs and newsletters. Organic reach was the sole focus. The social media universe has expanded since then, and we now provide exceptional service in many capacities – from posting to providing a full-service marketing team for our clients!
  • Our Team: Mich began as a solopreneur, sharing her marketing skills with mostly small businesses and other solopreneurs. We have grown considerably over the years, with a full team of specialists to provide marketing services.
  • Our Identity: 100th Monkey was built on a firm foundation of transparency, care for clients, connection with audiences, and excellence in all we do. That has not and will not change. As we grew through the challenges of 2020, we became increasingly aware of a need to actively and purposefully spread kindness online and to work with companies that wish to do the same. We are passionate about the continuation of such efforts.

And NOW, introducing…

Our new monkey exudes confidence and capability, along with a kind, friendly face. The look was crafted to illustrate our relationship to our clients and those who soon will be.

  • Slightly messy hair: Our monkey emerged from 2020 with a different view on life. Social interactions were always important, but we all learned to connect in different ways and change the way services are delivered. Our team was privileged to guide and assist many companies as they transitioned to the digital world. We learned to adapt, and even when the world feels messy, we will ensure that you and your brand look awesome.
  • Cute red glasses: Our monkey has grown a bit older and wiser, but is sporting cute, trendy specs. Yes, they reflect the blue light for many hours in front of the computer screen.
  • Super awesome bomber jacket: Speaking of trends, our monkey knows how to keep on top of them. Whether that is knowing what tool Facebook is promoting (and giving a little preference to in the algorithms) or keeping up with the popular memes of the moment, we are skilled at determining whether, when, and how to best implement trends into our clients’ plans.
  • Bunches of bananas: Our monkey’s fashionable jacket is decorated with bunches of bananas, showing off a unique style. This reflects our unique style! Our goal is to figure out how to create a sustainable marketing plan that our clients can count on to bring them leads. We test, watch, learn, tweak and more. We do not set it and forget it, we are always watching, communicating with you, and pivoting when needed to make your marketing work for you.

Thank you for taking the time to meet our monkey! If you’d like to get to know our team a bit better, contact us today!

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