Do you want Organic Growth? Instagram is the Answer…

“The two most powerful warriors are time and patience” 

Leo Tolstoy said it best, and when it comes to Instagram, truer words have yet to be spoken.

You see, the Instagram land is where it is at. Friendships, cool places, stories, reels… it’s a see what you want to see kinda space. Take the best of Facebook and combine it with the fun feel of TikTok… and you’ve got Instagram.

Instagram is also the space for true, organic growth, it just takes a little time and patience. At 100th Monkey we’ve seen, first-hand, the rewards of time and patience with many of our clients.

A few years ago we had a client with a smaller (under 300 followers) Instagram following. Today that client has a following of over 1500, all true and organic. Active engagement, quality posts, responsiveness, time, and patience is to credit. If you are looking to organically grow your Instagram here’s what we suggest in addition to time and patience:

  • Find your flow. Show your brand at its best and keep it consistent. Quality photos go a long way!
  • Post regularly. Don’t “ghost” (what we like to say in terms of the Instagram land) your followers. Keep your posts regular. Even if you have to set yourself a reminder, posting regularly is key.
  • First impressions go a long way. Take a look at your main profile. Is it complete? Photo updated? Does the bio represent you? Do you have your contact information properly displayed?
  • #hashtags, #hashtags #hashtags! You can expand your brand’s reach simply by using hashtags that are appropriate for your brand.
  • Get to know your audience. If your audience is fun/playful, be fun and playful. If your audience is more sophisticated, keep it classy.
  • Utilize tagging people, businesses, and locations! In addition to hashtags, be sure you are tagging when you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Utilize Instagram’s fun features. Post to your stories, try out some whimsical filters, create an Instagram reel, make an IGTV… the options are endless!
  • Be friendly! Comment on posts, reply to any comments or messages you receive, like comments… being friendly is a key component to Instagram.

And if you need help, 100th Monkey is always here! Let’s be Instapals!

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