Recession-Proof Your Business

It’s official: the COVID-19 virus and social distancing era are here. Stories of hoarding toilet paper and being completely home-bound are all over the news. During such times, panic can creep in and play into personal and business plans. Employees are working from (and staying) home, and retail operations are seeing a drop in consumer need. Here at 100th Monkey, we believe there are things that can be done during this time that will help to edge out the competition once society reaches equilibrium again.

Using some of this extra time in the day can help greatly in the planning process. Instead of worrying about the state of business during COVID-19, look ahead to see how to be ready for the boom that will inevitably come. Think about the upswing companies might see as a result of the end of social distancing. What do you have to offer that could match that? Companies who strategically think about services offered and tailor a business plan that reflects the outcome will be the ones who come out on top, while the competition might be a million miles away.

Of course, maintaining (or establishing) an online presence will be more crucial than before. Now more than ever your clients need to hear from you and know that you are there for them. Here are some tips and tasks to focus on:

  • Create social content to share. Yes, this is stressed often, because it’s so important! Facebook users are using the platform as a search engine to find what they need, and because most people are staying inside, there are more opportunities for companies to be found! Find the balance that works by posting content that is informative, fun, and industry-focused.
  • Be honest and optimistic. It’s fine to acknowledge the elephant in the room! We’re all in this together, after all. But, followers want to know that everything will be business as usual soon. Talk about upcoming events or company products that the audience will want.
  • Support other businesses. Maybe your company won’t see as much of a downswing as others, so use this time to promote others who are hurting and need a boost. Followers will appreciate the philanthropic view. Search for local restaurants or retailers offering pick up and delivery services and promote favorites.

Busy business owners might not have the time to oversee marketing tasks while navigating other aspects of the company. That’s where 100th Monkey comes in. Here are several ways we help to boost online presence:

  • LinkedIn Marketing Services: This is a great time to tend to your LinkedIn account. Makes sure it’s updated and reflects you and your business. We can help you to bring leads to your inbox by connecting you to industry leaders and organizing those connections in a database. We work on your behalf to send campaigns while you focus on other tasks.
  • Restaurant Marketing Services: Bars, coffee shops, and other food-related establishments are seeing a drop in patronage during COVID-19. Your fans will definitely have questions, so expect to receive messages on all social platforms. Know your customers will receive a swift reply when we’re in your corner.
  • Visualized Offerings: Video is king of content! We offer video services in all price ranges, and can assist from ideation to completed product. Give audiences a virtual tour of your products and space, or create a live broadcast to show unique branding.
  • Podcast Services: Being a business owner equates to being an expert in the industry. People want to hear from you! Whether it’s an established operation or just a seed of an idea, a podcast is an excellent way to promote a company. We can assist with helping to begin production of a podcast, or find opportunities to be a guest on a local podcast. Need a sponsor to get started? We can help create sponsorship packages for you.
  • Overall Marketing Strategy: Still reading, but feeling overwhelmed? We can provide full-service marketing strategy sessions that help identify and execute next steps.

All of our services can be performed virtually, so no need to leave home!  If you’re ready to begin this journey with a little help, connect with us, today. Don’t let the competition edge you out while the quarantine continues. Get a leg up and come out of the gate running in no time!

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