It’s the Little Things (in Social Media!)

In a relationship, whether family, romantic, friendship or professional, the little things you do for one another really make a difference. Are we right? Think about it:

  • A note of encouragement tucked into your lunchbox
  • A social media shout out from a colleague
  • Remembering to get your favorite sauce when bringing home dinner
  • A “just because” text

The little things matter in social media, too. Big campaigns and great posting are important, but without personal attention, your presence can fall flat. If you’re “in a relationship” with 100th Monkey, we want to let you know about all the little things we do for you.

  • We watch your page. This is beyond important in the realm of social media. We listen to what your customers are saying, respond when we can and share information with you when needed.
  • We respond to your audience. We not only respond to messages, comments, etc., but we take notice when your audience responds. Then, we tailor your posts to include more of what gets them talking.
  • We extend invitations. When someone who has yet liked your Facebook page, engages with a post, we invite them to come along and like the page as well.
  • We play tag. When we are able to do so, we tag other pages that we mention in a post, this helps more people see your messages.
  • We’ve got your back. When someone mentions you, we check it out and respond appropriately.

Now you know about all the seemingly little things that we do, and those things add up to make a big difference! The only question is, if you’re not in a relationship with 100th Monkey, why not? We may just be the social media company you’ve been waiting for!

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