Social Trends in 2019

Capping off a year in social media marketing is always exciting. It gives us the opportunity to review our posts, analyze our feeds, and take a look at online trends. There was a lot happening with social media in 2019, and we noticed some top trends among them. Here is our recap of the fads we can’t forget.

1. Stories is the star.

Yes, both Instagram and Facebook Stories have been around for a few years now, but 2019 was the year companies really latched onto the power they present. These feeds are a way to present your content as time-sensitive; they disappear 24 hours after they have
been posted. Users can see which audience members have engaged with the story and allow followers to engage with businesses in a whole new way. The back-and-forth interactions can help your business answer direct questions and thank those who enjoy your content. If you’re concerned about monitoring your stories, work with a marketer that will keep a watchful eye out on your behalf!

2. Micro influencing make a huge appearance.

We all know the weight of influencers and how they can propel a business forward. Micro influencers are a bit different in that they have a modest following, but their followers trust the influencer implicitly. Micro influencers tend to only partner with people and products that they themselves use and believe in. Finding your niche within your own business and collaborating with a micro influencer will help reach an audience ready to act quickly and purchase product or services. At 100th Monkey we work with our clients to build on integrity and the micro influencers within our circle share that trait. We would be happy to find the right ally for your business and help you increase your brand awareness!

3. Video content is king.

For several years now, video content tops the list. Whether it’s live or uploaded, videos help bring brands to live. When audiences see you move, talk, act, and think, it makes us more approachable! Years ago, videos were expensive and time consuming. Today, video cameras have become our constant companion, making it easy to create video content on the go; it is accessible to almost every type of business, regardless of marketing budget. If you feel uncomfortable with your presentation skills, our very own Mich Hancock brings her TEDx expertise to coach you in this area. If you’re looking for a team to produce something much higher-scale, we are connected to and have worked with some of the top names in the area and can connect you to the right person!

4. Social selling keeps sailing on.

Advertising on a social space used to be very expensive, and analyzing the benefits wasn\’t always easy. It was not attainable for every business to deploy this method. Today, a mix of organic and paid posting is not only recommended, but much more affordable for brands. A little investment can go a long way, and, like micro influencing, the ability to target a specific audience is completely attainable. Relying on organic content to sell for you is so 2018! Be sure to work with a marketer that is well-versed in the advertising platforms, and have a proven record for attracting leads AND proving conversions!

5. Trust and authenticity is always appealing.

Unless you’re living under a rock, it was hard to deny that Jennifer Aniston made a huge splash when she joined Instagram. What we really enjoyed about her feed was her ability to be authentic and true to herself. We already know and love her, even if we don’t really know her. That leads to a trust that can’t be mistaken. Just like Jen, we work with our clients to create content that is true to their company, people and culture. It all starts with a vision and streamlining what is important to you!

As we move into 2020, we’ll see some trends usher themselves to the exit, and others will stay in their seats. We’re happy set up a time to consult with you to discuss the trends that make sense for you and how to best utilize them in your marketing and help your company grow.

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