Tips to Perfect Your Unique Online Presence (and how we can help!)

In our last blog, we encouraged you to practice vulnerability and storytelling to speak to the followers who are waiting to hear from you. In a world where those followers receive so much information online, it is increasingly important to have a brand that stands out among the noise. Consumers are looking for awesome first impressions that keep them coming back time and time again.

There are so many ways capitalize on your brand, and avenues to share your story. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help to ensure your business looks amazing when you\’re thrust into the spotlight. And the best part? 100th Monkey provides each of these services to help you put your best foot forward.

– Be your authentic self.

Be YOU! This is what makes your business unique, after all. We are all human and bring quirkiness and insight to the table. Don’t wait for the timing to be perfect. Don’t think you can\’t make a mistake now and again. Bring that into your brand and let your followers and friends identify themselves with you.

– Post original content.

When paid social media posting came into the picture, the reach of organic posts took an obvious hit. Some companies took this to mean that organic content was dead, but that’s far from true! Many online users utilize Facebook as a search engine. Why not capitalize on your followers and post content and hashtags relevant to something they may search for? You can use many different tools to highlight content, including video creation, graphics, blogs, and optimizing your SEO. This is what our team at 100th Monkey strives to do; cull original content to help you harmonize your organic and paid reach, and we\’re very good at it!

– Branch into advertising, if you haven’t already.

Advertising your business, especially on social channels, can drive traffic to your website, landing pages, Facebook posts, and even promote offers. These days, a small investment can go a long way, as Facebook ads allow you to target both your message and audience. Adjusting and testing your ads over time can serve as valuable market research.Bringing together both paid and original content helps to balance the best of both worlds.

– Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website.

Your audience is full of entrepreneurs, moms, and busy, on-the-go professionals. Odds are, they’re using their phones to consume digitally, and not  a desktop or PC. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly lets everyone view your content free of errors, and eliminates any frustration that might occur if users can’t access your site when necessary. We partner with companies that will help you optimize your website across all platforms, making access to your website a non-issue.

– Build and optimize an email list.

Email is tired and worn out, right? Absolutely NOT! Sure, social media applications are on the rise, but statistics show that email is still a great way to connect with your following if you make a plan a follow through. Building an email list isn’t always a simple task, but we can help you to get the ball rolling. 100th Monkey uses LinkedIn campaigns to connect, curate, and obtain email addresses and send emails. From there, we can help you to optimize your lists and prioritize appropriately.

– Use your website as a home-base.

Your website harbors all of the necessary components of your business – what you provide, how to contact you, fees and pricing, and more! Creating branded content on your website, such as landing pages, ebooks, ads, and coupons can help to generate more interest in your business. Plus, your audience will see you as a thought leader in your space!

– Register your business in web directories online.

Even if you think you’re not advertising in multiple places online, you could be. Many sites allow for users to add businesses and locations without claiming them. This might mean you have a presence on a site with outdated or incorrect information. Sites like Google My Business need to house your information so that your audience knows how to reach you. 100th Monkey can analyze where you’re advertising and the information that is available to the public. Then, we use your current information to regularly update all online information so that you don’t have to!

– Pay close attention to social channels.

With our roots in social media marketing, 100th Monkey is well aware of the importance of social channels and how they can enhance your brand. Not only do businesses need to post content regularly, but also monitor, respond, and interact with followers. We provide social media listening services to ensure your audience always feels heard and issues are attended to. We create content, graphics, and schedule your posts for you all while using your voice and style. After all, that\’s what makes you, YOU!

If you’re ready to propel your business into the next stage with digital marketing, give us a call at 636-789-1776, or fill out our free consultation! Come and see results with 100th Monkey today!

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