Update Your Google My Business Regularly

It’s day 22 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing and we’ve already chatted about updating your contact information on Google My Business, and today we are going to share the importance of keeping that info regularly updated.

When we say updated, not only are we talking about always keeping your contact information current – phone, email, address, etc., but your HOURS as well! If you know we are going to be closed, especially on holidays, use Google My Business to let customers know. Updating your hours is simple, quick, and clears up any confusion your customers might have. For example, say you are going to be closed on Christmas Eve. You have a customer show up needing a last-minute gift. Your Google My Business shows your open because you didn’t update the hours, and when the customer arrives, you’re closed. A simple update would have fixed this issue and cleared up any confusion. To update your hours:

  • Head to your Google My Busines
  • Tap the “info” button
  • From there locate your “hours” and update accordingly

Another area to keep regularly updated on Google My Business is your photo area. Customers can upload photos when they review, but adding your own photos and keeping them current lets people know you are active and up to date. To update your photos:

  • Head to your Google My Business
  • Tap the “photos” button
  • Click the (+) button on the top right side of the page
  • Add photos

And that’s it for day 22! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s #30daysofmonkeymarketing tip!

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