Using Social Media for Good

What is the lasting impact you want to leave on the world?

That’s one deep question that, no doubt, has a complex answer. It can seem like a lot to unpack, but it doesn’t have to be. Each person in the world has the opportunity to change society for the better, and we can use social media platforms to do just that. We believe that operating with integrity in our business (link to blog #1), operating with integrity in our marketing (link to blog #2), and being kind online, whether personally or professionally, is the perfect combination.

If you want to use your voice for good, here are some ways you can get started.

Leave the fear at the movies. Yes, fearful content has a lot of pull in marketing, but it’s not the right way to gain attention. These types of posts trigger our fight-or-flight reaction and send us into panic mode. No one operates optimally in that state of mind. Release positive endorphins with posts that are uplifting to your audience. They will welcome the calm within the storm.

Give a public round of applause. If a friend helped you out recently, give them some public praise! The local business that went above and beyond with customer service could use your five-star Google or Yelp review as well. After all, sometimes negative experiences are talked about more than positive ones. If you have something nice to say, go ahead and say it! Don’t forget to tag the recipient!

Keep criticism private. We all have that negative experience from time to time. Speaking up and giving constructive  criticism can be productive . Whenever possible, begin these critiques in private. Before leaving a negative review, speak to a manager or business owner to try to clear up the problem. Try to propose solutions and keep an open mind to what the other party has to say. If you have a squabble with a friend or your spouse, this too is a matter to keep private and offline. Writing a negative review or posting a snarky status is probably a fleeting feeling, but online content is forever.

Lead with love. As social media marketers, we sometimes see content that attracts a lot of attention. Comments and reactions can range all along the spectrum, from joyful to hurtful. When reading comments or messages that feel damaging or demeaning, it is important to remember that there are real people behind the words. Those people are under pressures we don’t know about and stress we’ve never experienced; each has a past that influences them and their own problems and strengths. Every one of those people should be respected, and are worthy of our kindness. You will have a better experience with social media if you react from a place of love, regardless of whether you respond to the comments or keep scrolling. Those trolls? Ignore them!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Our team has been telling you for years that good things start with coffee. Most of the time, we say it lightheartedly, but this advice goes a little deeper. The online world can feel scary. We’re seeing divides that we’ve not seen before, and sometimes we’re disagreeing with those we love. We want to encourage you to not turn away, but instead remember that tone is not easily deciphered via written word. Grab a cup, pour some coffee into it, and FaceTime or Zoom with a loved one or colleague. Use that time to center and reassure yourself before reading the comments and messages on your social feeds. Begin from a place of love and respect, believing that the other person approaches life with good intentions. Actively listen to what is being said, and repeat what you heard to clarify the conversation. Talk, and then listen a little more. End in a place of respect and love for yourself and for others. Repeat these steps as often as is necessary.

We can work together and create a ripple effect of small actions that lead to a bigger and brighter future. What will you do today to make the world a little brighter? Tell us about it!

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