Utilizing Holidays in Social Media


Creating varied and interesting content for followers is a must-do on social media. We want to engage them, entice them to buy from us, and overall feel heard and important. But, can we let you in on a little secret? Sometimes, even the most creative minds struggle to find engaging content.

That said, posting the same content on repeat just won’t cut it. To avoid this, create a content plan for each month in order to ensure that posts are fresh. Highlighting products, services, blogs, and events is all spotlight-worthy and should definitely be part of your plan, also include curated content from trusted websites with articles and information about your industry.

An easy and fun idea is to include holiday and national day posts into your mix; these posts give your company a more complex online personality, while also making you feel more accessible and approachable.

Holidays are shared by many and are a great way to send your followers some good cheer. During the winter holiday season, thank them at Thanksgiving, wish them happy holidays and a Happy New Year. Add in fun and unique holidays to splice up the calendar! Think: The Oscars! The Super Bowl! Talk like a Pirate Day! Okay, maybe that last one is a little bit of a stretch 😉

As we head into March, a fun holiday to celebrate is St. Patrick’s Day. Post an interesting article about the origins of St. Patty’s, share a company photo of everyone in green, or create a graphic. Canva is an online graphic design program that makes it easy to create graphic images for social sharing and branding them as your own by including a company logo:

March also celebrates the beginning of Spring. Research for interesting information, for example, the first day of spring 2020 is on March 19th, which marks the earliest day spring has arrived in over 100 years! Daylight Savings Time begins on March 8th, post a reminder to move clocks ahead one hour or get them to engage by asking for opinions on who they feel about the whole time change thing.

Of course, there are other holidays that are much more industry-specific. March is both Asset Management Awareness Month and Credit Education Month. If your profession is in financial advising, bring awareness to these important topics by sharing articles from trusted industry resources – better yet, write your own!

March is also National Women’s History Month, which can be celebrated across all different kinds of businesses and professions. If you’re looking for something a little more fun, Celebrate Your Name Week which runs from March 1-7, and American Chocolate Week is March 15-21 (this should definitely be celebrated).

Here is a list of resources for finding new holidays:

  • Days of the Year: This website is a wealth of information when it comes to discovering new holidays. It shares in-depth information about the history of holidays, how to celebrate and suggested hashtags.
  • National Day Calendar: Seeing what’s happening today and tomorrow is simple with this website. Holidays can be broken down into days, weeks, and month-long celebrations, and each month has a few paragraphs filled with fun facts and tidbits!
  • Time and Date: This website gives a quick look at the entire year in one clear table. Searches can be performed to view one month at a time as well. There is also a days calculator feature, which can build anticipation with an audience if there’s a fun upcoming event!

Creating a list of holidays can be so fun and spark a lot of creativity! Of course, organizing these days and posts will help to create a streamlined voice on social media feeds. Microsoft Excel or Word are both great tools to use when creating a content calendar. To organize photos, graphics, videos, hashtags, and other visual content, using Google Drive is a smart choice, because it makes this content easily shareable across teams. Storing this information preserves content and creates an historical reference, which is useful in finding and building a brand!

If you need a bit of brainstorming on what to post, connect with us, we’re happy to help! If you need monthly services and management you can check out the services we have to offer!

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