Bring Video to Life

Live video is an awesome and powerful tool. Facebook loves live videos and will actively assist letting your network know you’ve gone live. Some live video ideas for you are:

  • Behind the scenes videos. We go live for all the MichMash Podcasts for a behind the scenes look, then repurpose them on this YouTube channel. Creatives should embrace behind the scenes looks for anything made – food, art, fashion, makeup artist, DIYs, etc.
  • Look what just came in! A hop or restaurant that receives a new shipment of goodies is great to share.
  • Daily or weekly touchpoints. For those with audiences that look to them for advice, schedule live time, a particular day and time, that the audience can count on and tune in.
  • Live Q & A sessions. Post the time and date, drum up excitement, and watch the questions roll in.
  • Share your fun! Are you out and about somewhere fun or did you come upon a bit of entertainment or just wish to give a glimpse into an interesting happening? Go live!
  • Enhance other content. Let’s say you are a yoga teacher and you post a blog about the benefits of a particular position. After you post the blog go live to show the position and talk up your blog!
  • Show your expertise and educate.
  • Capture footage of a live event; interview the speaker at a conference, highlight a bit from a show, etc.
  • Walk through; show off the office and your happy staff, walk through the warehouse, capture the various elements of a home for sale, show the arts and crafts for sale at a show, there’s no limit.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your live videos!

  • Don’t get caught up in perfection. Be the authentic you (which is actually perfect)!
  • Before you go live, make sure you have a strong signal connection. Generally speaking, it’s best to be on WiFi, or at least a 4G connection.
  • Be prepared! Be clear about the audience and cater the content to them. Make sure to have a clear and valuable message; practice a bit beforehand and make some notes of definite points to address.
  • Facebook allows for up to 4 hours of live video. Do plan on going live for at least 10 minutes. This provides followers time to receive the notification and tune in.
  • Say “Hello” by name, to those that do tune in!
  • During the video, let the audience know to hit the “Follow” button so they are always notified when you go live.
  • Decide ahead of time if the video will be recorded in portrait mode or landscape mode. Portrait mode is best for broadcasting yourself only, otherwise go landscape – MAKE SURE that the phone is in landscape mode before going live as the orientation cannot be changed once the video has started.
  • A phone stand can come in handy, we use this one.

We’d love to see you live! If you are going to do so, drop us a line and let us know.