You On Video . . . Oh Yea!

Video is big and becoming even bigger. Facebook live continues to trend along with Reels, TikTok, and YouTube! Now is the time to go video!

100th Monkey provides several video options to utilize on social media, video channels and website. Not on social? No video channel? No problem! We can set up and create these on your behalf.100th Monkey Video Services

Development of concept, script-writing and, if necessary, finding top talent to create the video, are within our wheelhouse. We will then schedule, film and edit the perfect video for your needs. The goal is to provide the best experience for the viewer, compelling them to \”pick up the phone\” and contact you. Videos created will serve as company assets for years to come:

  • Showcase video for use on website, main YouTube video, link via QR Code on printed materials, etc. This video shares company story and/or highlights services, products, company culture and mission.
  • Top 10 FAQs and SAQs (Should Ask Questions) to highlight your expertise.
  • Video profiles of organization’s leaders, management, employees and clients.
  • Client testimonial videos and success stories.
  • Top hints/tips/tricks to add content and value to audience/fans.
  • Product demo videos to highlight key features and benefits.

Next step is to ensure that the videos are properly marketed. An optimized YouTube channel will be created the videos placed on your channel. Videos will also be optimized for the search terms we found in our research to be most relevant. This will help Google decide to show these videos to Google searchers and YouTube searchers looking for opportunities.

Additionally, videos will be placed on your website, with full scripts typed out below the video (for search engine purposes). We will execute this piece for you as well; this ensures you are fully set up to use these videos, and the links to view them, within your existing job ads and as an asset for years.

We also strongly recommend targeted ads on Facebook and YouTube to reach out to those most likely to be qualified candidates. This takes the videos and uses them as an advertising asset to drive leads to your website to apply. As a part of managing ad campaigns on these networks, we can also run non-video based ads to attract clients, the idea being that we fully use these two platforms to the hilt to bring in qualified leads.

The team at 100th Monkey has created some very fun and cool videos for clients like CarDoc, First Integrity Mortgage Services and Gateway Crossfit. We were also given creative license to create several awesome videos for TEDxSt.Louis – be sure to check them out:

BOUNCE Event Video Interviews and Profiles

TEDx Team Mannequin Challenge

TEDx Audience Mannequin Challenge

BOUNCE Event Marketing Video

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