What to Expect from Social Media in 2020

Here at 100th Monkey, we really enjoy exploring new things and keeping an eye on upcoming trends. After all, it’s what helps us give our clients the best service possible! We’re readier than ever to dive into 2020 and have researched what trends we will all see over the next year. Because we want you to succeed as well, here are our social media marketing predictions for 2020.

  1. Visualize with video.

Video is the trend that won’t quit for all social media feeds. (Hello, TikTok!) It\’s authentic, real, and approachable in all ways. The days of streaming are upon us, and costs for video production are at an all-time low, since our phones double as our camera equipment. Expectations regarding production quality for self-produced content are low because our followers understand we’ve captured video on our phones. All your company needs is a decent smart phone, a quiet space, and some creativity, which is why we won’t see video going away anytime soon. Of course, there is also a need for higher production videos for showcase videos, marketing campaigns and webinar series, we can help you to produce this content.

  1. Strategize your approach.

Long-gone are the days of simply posting content whenever you feel like it! Smart marketers know that a long-term, strategic approach will help to gain a very loyal following and help your business thrive. We know that a full-on marketing strategy might not be your strong suit, and that’s okay. 100th Monkey offers Marketing Strategy services, and can even take over your marketing tasks so that you don’t have to! Let us help you find your unique voice and regularly post to your social feeds so that you can keep doing what you’re good at.

  1. Spotlight is still on stories.

We\’ve said it before and we’ll need to say it one more time: Facebook and Instagram Stories are soldiering on. Because Stories contain short-duration content, viewers are seeing something a little more special than normal. Stories can be used to highlight promotions or very timely content. Anyone watching your Story will be able to engage with you in real-time and companies can respond quickly. This gives you the chance to build unique relationships with members of your audience, and we believe relationships are at the very heart of what we do. Be on the lookout for added functionality around this powerful tool as well.

  1. Micro influencers will make even more of a difference.

We’ve been accustomed to tapping into friends and family for recommendations, or looking to large trusted brands to guide us in the right direction. Lately, we’re seeing trustworthiness aligning with smaller micro influencers. This is largely due to a micro influencer’s ability to gain a concentrated, smaller following that might be more willing to buy a product if the micro influencer recommends it. These authorities aren’t out of reach for those they influence, which might be why followers are so apt to buy what they recommend. Worried you don’t know a micro influencer that can help you? We’ve got you covered. 100th Monkey has influencer connections in many different industries. We can connect you to your next audience!

  1. Social listening will be of the utmost importance.

We all want to post content that is relevant to our audience’s needs, answers their questions, and connects them to us. There are numerous social media listening tools marketers use to analyze what their audience is saying. Knowing what to do with that data isn’t always intuitive. We like to think of ourselves as marketing detectives – we will dive into all of the comments your followers are making, find the common denominators, and strategize your content to blend your branding, your words, and what your audience wants into a full approach that works for you!

Because social media is always changing, this is just a small look into what we will see as we move through the new year. You don’t need to fret when it comes to keeping up with trends. Let 100th Monkey implement marketing practices that work uniquely for you. Connect with us here! Our team is looking forward to working with you!

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