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Who We Are

What's with the name?

Our name was inspired by something called the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon (It really exists – Google it!).

In the 1950s, on a small island in Japan, scientists were studying a colony of monkeys. One of the monkeys discovered that if she took her sand-covered sweet potato to the stream, she could wash it, and it became more enjoyable to eat. Little by little, the other monkeys took up this same behavior. The scientists reported that around the “hundredth monkey,” the whole colony just got it – it became a new behavior that was accepted and practiced by the whole colony. 

We love this story because human behavior, especially on social media, reflects the behavior of that colony of monkeys. Once a message is liked, shared, tweeted and catches fire, there’s no stopping the masses from getting your message, hearing your voice, and recognizing your brand. It is a phenomenon that we humans thrive on and so can your company’s growth. 

We are your marketing Department!

Marketing encompasses a wide variety of skills, most of which require ongoing growth in order to keep up with an always-evolving digital world. Social media posting alone requires knowledge of the trends and features of each specific platform. Add to that blogging, website design, digital advertising, email marketing, and more traditional methods of marketing (mailings, phone calls, etc.), how can one business owner or marketing director keep up?

Enter 100th Monkey! Our team of experts knows what it takes to succeed in your marketing efforts. We stay on top of current trends, rapidly changing rules, and platform modifications. We utilize the best tools and methods to contribute to your overall growth strategy.


Mich Hancock, CEO and Founder

Mich started 100th Monkey due to her love for the then-new way to market in the digital space. She has seen marketing change in her over 30 years in the marketing space and is energized by the ever-fluid and ever-changing marketplace. She is an expert when it comes to creating, developing, and managing an active and engaging social media presence for both B2B and B2C clients.

Mich is also the Co-Founder and License Holder of TEDxStLouis, an innovative and thought-provoking organization that brings TED Talk experiences to St. Louis. TED and TEDx talks have been the gold standard in presenting, Mich has helped numerous clients TED-ify their talk for stages around the country.

 She interviews TEDx speakers and more on her popular MichMash Podcast. Listeners tune in to learn new ways to positively impact their lives and communities by leveling up their kindness; each episode is a gift that keeps on giving.

A sought-after speaker, Mich provides seminars and workshops to organizations and associations, including the Olin School of Business at Washington University.

She craves meaningful connection with amazing people, if that’s you, start the conversation with her on LinkedIn.

Jill Lee, Director of Operations

Jill began posting for 100th Monkey in 2011. As the company has grown, she has taken on different roles to serve our clients and build our offerings. Equally excited about writing, creating informative or beautiful images, and building a 
well-organized spreadsheet, her favorite thing about 100th Monkey is helping each client grow a unique, well-rounded, and engaging digital presence.

Jill comes to the marketing world from a psychology and counseling background, which strengthens her ability to understand and engage audiences. She spent 13 years working in a behavior health setting, which sharpened her attention to detail and listening skills.

She is also mom to three fantastic kids who are busy getting ready to launch into adulthood. She loves spending time with them and her two lovable dogs, as well as reading and writing. Her favorite things are epic family road trips, music, and delicious coffee.

Emily Loeffelman, Manager of Social Media Marketing

Emily brings her unique experiences as a Blogger/Influencer who worked with big box and high-end brands to help 100th Monkey clients develop appealing and effective strategies. her strong research skills are valuable for developing strategy, and her expertise in Instagram engagement has led to exceptional growth for several clients. 

Though Emily has an educational background in nutrition,  she quickly realized that social media marketing was her calling. She loves working with 100th Monkey and helping small business clients grow and flourish! Always on the move, figuratively and literally, Emily is a busy mom to two boys and she loves a good DIY home project.

Caroline Rupich, Social Media Specialist

Caroline channels her acute attention to detail and inherent love of reading , writing, and editing into creating original content for social media posts. Finding well-rounded, creative information for each client also lends to her love of research. Caroline is also always ready to grow into new roles as needed, helping a great deal with organization. 

Caroline has a degree in Mass Communications with a Public Relations emphasis. She is a busy mom of two boys, and enjoys cooking, exercising, and golfing. 

Miranda Lee, Social Media Specialist

Miranda loves making 100th Monkey clients look great online. A second generation monkey, she brings a strong dedication to clients and a natural talent for writing. She enjoys creating amazing content that connects with each unique audience.

Miranda enjoys reading, music, friends, and dancing. She loves to travel, searching for the best coffee and ice cream shops at each destination. She is an accomplished trumpet player pursuing a degree and future career in music performance and/or education.

Alexandra Paola Handal, Social Media Specialist

Alexandra brings her dynamic, creative, and innovative presence to the 100th Monkey team. She loves designing and creating content, and she uses these skills and her experience in both social media and market research to make our clients shine online.  
A native Spanish speaker from Honduras, Alexandra graduated from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Minor in Graphic Design. Her fashion world experience in publishing and digital marketing honed her skills as an adaptable content creator with great attention to detail.  Alexandra loves her two cocker spaniel girls, working out, spending time with family, and having a good cup of coffee.