Why You Should Publish Articles on LinkedIn

It’s day 29 of our #30daysofmonkeymarketing and today we are chatting about a super awesome tool that LinkedIn offers… ARTICLES!

Articles?! You might wonder what exactly that is and we are here to tell ya! Think of articles as blog postings, but for your LinkedIn account. This is a great way to share a little more about yourself and target a specific audience… and beyond! Articles are simple, more in-depth topics you can chat about, and a great way to showcase your brand or business.

For example, say you own a heating and cooling business. Posting an article about heating tips is a great topic to chat about. The information in it would be longer than a basic post to LinkedIn, but to the point like most articles are.

To post an article:

  • Head to your LinkedIn business page
  • By the posting option hit the “write an article” button
  • Write your article and hit “post”

And that’s it! Easy right?! Be sure to check out all of our LinkedIn tips and tricks. You can see them all on our blog! Tomorrow we finish up our challenge! 30 days went by fast didn’t they?! We\’d love to know your thought on our challenge. Leave us a comment on our Facebook page HERE.

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