Wish List for the Marketer

Dear Santa, 

We’ve been really good this year, so if you happen to think the same, here are a few things on our wish lists:

Planner – You know…to keep us organized throughout the year. 

Coffee – We will pass on the candy this year, but coffee, we’ll take LOTS of that! 

Mug – Speaking of coffee, we’d love to drink it out of THIS mug. 

Hell NO! Button – Just in case we get any “but I have a friend who can do my marketing cheaper”…or “should I buy followers?” 

Sticky Notes – A place to write down our 3 AM marketer brain thoughts/to-do lists and then misplace and search for a week. 

Power Bank – You know, to charge the phones that are always pinging with notifications.

Banana Hat – Because what’s more festive for a 100th Monkey Marketer than a banana hat?! 

Patience – We’re in the thick of Q4 so…

Less Talk, More Monkey – This might just be our 2023 motto.

Snuggie – It’s always nice to have something warm and comforting when we are up late working and we swear we won’t wear it to any client meetings. 

We promise to leave cookies and milk, or a banana and coffee, whichever you prefer. We’re also happy to send Mrs. Claus any marketing ideas she may need for her 2023 North Pole endeavors…just let us know. 😉 


The 100th Monkey Team