So, You’ve Got a Great Idea . . .

The thing about ideas is that they are fun. It’s exciting to sit around with friends and colleagues to discuss the ins and outs of a new idea; all the applications, what to call it, what the logo should look like, the many who will want to buy it, the fame, the fortune . . . and then in walks the marketing person to take all the fun away.

Hear us out. We love fun (note the name of our company), but we also know what it takes to go from idea to implementation to marketing to success. Yes, we are going to be a little Debbie Downer here, but we also care about you and want to give your idea the best run!

By all means, brainstorm your idea. This is an important step in the process. In fact, many companies get so bogged down in the day-in and day-out details that they forget to step back every once in a while, to free form and find some new thoughts or inject some fresh energy into the company.

After brainstorming, marketing research may need to come into play, especially if the idea is very new and unfamiliar. Research will help determine how well embraced the idea may become, if it’s the right time for the idea, potential audiences and more. If the company plans on attracting investors this step will be invaluable.

Please note, research is not hearsay. If a few friends love the idea, this is not marketing research. Also, we caution against grabbing onto something that one person says and letting this alone fuel forward movement. Of course, it’s so awesome when someone says that the idea is the best ever and, “You’re for sure going to make millions off this idea!” But what one enthusiastic person says . . . does not marketing research make. (I say this with much love as I have been guilty of this in the past. I speak to you now as a much more mature marketer, learn from my, and some of my clients, mistakes ~ Mich Hancock).

Marketing must happen! Field of Dreams marketing (build it and they will come) does not work. Build it and market it well . . . and then they will come. We’ve been approached by people who have put all their money into the creation of their product, and have none left over for marketing. It is a very difficult, and costly, lesson to learn.

Plus, it’s heartbreaking to see a person or group go from passion and drive to disheartened and bummed out. Please, stop, breathe and listen to some sound marketing advice.

Finally, if the idea does get to go to market, be patient. Marketing is not an event, it is a journey. One post, one ad campaign, one direct mailing, one commercial will not do it – it takes time and consistency.

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