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With so many meetings happening in the digital space these days, feeling out-of-sorts is normal. There’s no more commute time, and some (if not most) of that time is being filled with more online chats. We’re Zoom-ing all over the place!

The popularity of Zoom is hard to ignore: a video conferencing platform that allows up to 100 attendees to have a 40-minute meeting for free is bound to be a huge hit during a time when physical meet-ups just aren’t allowed. Don’t have a Zoom login? No problem! Attendees don’t need to have one as long as they are provided a meeting link and password. Callers don’t need to have access to a desktop or laptop computer either, because Zoom offers an app for iOS as well as Android. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive. If you’re not sold on Zoom yet, there’s always more to discover.

Plenty of online content can be found that show how hilarious Zoom meetings can be. From potatoes hosting meetings to unmuted microphones, there are plenty of chuckles that come from these videos. A very popular feature is customizable backgrounds, which range from simple but sophisticated rooms to everything from Star Wars to Disney Parks. Maybe you’re ready to show your pop culture side and want to rub elbows with Joe Exotic, or you’re ready to spill your guts documentary-style while in the conference room from The Office. If memes are your go-to, you have options: everything is fine and distracted boyfriend can bring humor to any call. You can find even more fun backgrounds here. It’s no wonder that Zoom is being used for both personal and professional reasons all over the globe.

Knowing your audience is a huge part of Zoom success. While your friends might enjoy that hilarious background while you’re catching up over virtual happy hour, you’ll want to change it before you have your weekly meeting with your boss. Best practices are a plenty, and here are some highlights:

  • Prepare appropriately. If you’ve yet to download the app or access the Zoom website, jump on that ASAP. Make sure to note the passcode as well.
  • Can you hear me? Ensure your microphone is connected. Test the connection to ensure attendees can hear you. If you’re not the presenter, you may want mute your microphone as you enter.
  • Look meeting-presentable. More casual meetings can handle a t-shirt or other laid-back clothing. A meeting with your boss or a CEO might require a blouse or button-down. Of course, this loops back to knowing your audience. If you can get away with not having your lower half on video, we encourage you to wear those comfy pants.

All of this information can be a lot to digest and making sure it all clicks into place before that big video conference might seem impossible.

This is where 100th Monkey comes to your rescue! Give us a shout if you’re in need of a little Zoom assistance. We can provide practice sessions and guidance, and even create a customized company background! Our owner Mich Hancock is a well-known speaker and can help you develop engaging presentations. She co-founded TEDxGatewayArch and will coach you on how to delight audiences through our Monkey Speaks service.

Here is a full list of our services:

Remote meeting services

  • Scheduling and invites. Time is scarce these days! Don’t spend it on administrative tasks, let us do it for you!
  • Call facilitation, management, and support. If you’re new to this, let us support your call in any way, shape or form that makes sense to you!
  • Meeting collateral. Need slides, visuals, or graphics? We do that! Get customized materials for your business!
  • Custom backgrounds. All call participants receive a company-branded background to use for all calls that are branded to your company.
  • Meeting recording and transcription. You’re busy leading your team or meeting with that super important person. Let us handle recording your meeting and transcribing it afterward!

Services for Webinars and Workshops

  • Landing page. Let attendees in waiting know they’re in the right place with a landing page!
  • Digital advertising. Maximize your potential with digital advertising and increase attendance.
  • CRM database and management. We will assist you in tracking attendees, registering email addresses, and keeping in touch with contacts.
  • Marketing research. Collective briefings will assist in creative ways to deliver content post-meeting.
  • Presentation development and coaching. Get assistance organizing your speech, and practice the flow of the presentation with Mich and utilize her amazing skill set.
  • Follow up support. Once the meeting is over, the work isn’t! Let us help to send thank-you emails, distribute surveys and recordings, and compile follow up documents.

The best thing you can do for your business is to keep pushing forward, even during quarantine! Our Zoom marketing services can propel businesses forward while the competition falls behind. Do what you can to not only survive, but thrive during this time! We’ll have you Zoom-ing in no time!

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